Awaken to a New Life with Mike Cheney

Mike Cheney is a spiritual teacher who helps students directly realise their true nature.

Born in 1973 Mike has always had a fervent interest in truth, mystery and the unknown. Aged 9 the Mike character crept out from his house at midnight on Halloween to visit a nearby graveyard and to try and see spirits.

Aged 13 he was taught meditation at school and found it fascinating from then on to be able to focus on the breath.

“The Mike Character Realised He Wasn’t the Body…”

Aged 21 years old, Mike experienced an out of body phenomena which was a foretaste of pure Consciousness.

Despite this early sign he progressed through his early adult life, like most people, striving for attainment and success as a route to happiness. By 2000 he’d quit his first ever job (after just two years) and set up his own business.

The “Mike Character” made a few million dollars but that didn’t fill the void.

In 2008 Mike began studying under the Buddhist monk Karma Jiga, Samye Ling lineage, and meditating more earnestly.

During one particular meditation he envisioned the body dying and experienced a "crown opening" where the top of his head experienced an opening to the above where…

“An Infinite Field of Blackness, Stars and Intelligence Surged Inwards and Downwards Then Upwards and Outwards…”

Later, after multiple ups and downs with the business and having achieved a high level of financial comfort he sought another avenue to plug the existential void - competitive cycling.

In the space of just three years the Mike character went from novice racer to competing at the World Championships for amateurs two years in a row.

But it still wasn't enough.

At the World Championships, he realised this character too was a pure fiction.

“It Was Clear Right Away He Wasn't the Mind, the Body or the Identity.”

Feeling disillusioned with all the achieved goals and “rewards” mainstream life had to offer Mike took a vow to awaken and teach others.

He walked to a lone tree near his house, sat down underneath it and offered a prayer to every God, deity and the Universe to awaken and teach others the truth.

A short time later Mike had a mind-blowing "everything is one" experience during an innocent trip to the swimming pool with his daughter. Everything took on the same appearance, everything comprised of the same indivisible quality, everything was energy and of the same intrinsic value.

Every perceivable object now presented itself with a loving, knowing glow and warm friendliness.

He even investigated bird poop outside to make sure it looked the same as everything else which it did and has continued to this day!

And now there is an ever-present sense of not knowing anything at all other than *am-ness*.

Suffering faded away and a warm, loving and ever-present peace and “okayness” has replaced it.

The illusion has been seen through.

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